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I started FF in October of 2014, despite moving from Fox chapel to Greentree I still go 5 to 6 days a week, for the reasons following. FF offers a real gym experience no fluff with Bs classes, the do have personal training available and the trainer's I've seen are really great and involved in their clients. There is something for everyone here , tons of cardio and lots of real iron. You will see some of the fittest people in pgh here and for good reason.. real gyms = real results. I found no one here really has an ego, you can approach alot of people and ask questions if you are unsure of what to do. This gym attracts people who exercise because of passion and not for an IG pic.
The owner Mike is a nice guy, he took time to introduce himself to me and shake my hand. He works for your business and treats his staff well. The decor is older but that's the charm, and I beg you to find a cleaner gym the staff is always cleaning when the front counter isn't busy. I've enjoyed my time here and will continue my membership for years to come.

— Larry O'Donnell

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Having previously worked for the LA Fitness brand, I know how difficult it is to keep a gym clean and well maintained. Mike and his team do just that- rarely do you find stray equipment, spills, or messes on the lifting floor. The cardio machines are well looked after and always clean thanks to the abundance of disinfectant spray and towels around the gym. New equipment pops up at random intervals and just proves that Mike takes pride in his business, but also cares about the members comments, requests, and well-being.
Membership prices per month are on par with other big box gyms in the area, but if you can drop the cash to pay for an extended period of time (6 mons, 1 yr, or 2 yrs), the savings really add up. They also are willing to work out a payment plan on these larger amounts to help fit your budget. There is a 24hr option which, working in the hotel and restaurant industry, was a life saver. I never had to worry about not getting a workout in and could use the late night access to burn off work stress before I went home.
The staff is very personable, friendly for the most part, and the other members this gym draws are also very kind. It's not often at LA Fitness or Urban Active that fellow members come up and offer a spot on a lift out of the blue. Everyone is very respectful of one another and always asks about who's using equipment (except for a few, who will ultimately run into issues down the road I'm sure).
All in all, anyone who has asked me about Fitness Factory has received two thumbs up from me and a high recommendation. Anyone looking for a solid, locally owned option to burn calories and get in shape should check this gym out.

— Cale McClintock

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My wife and I moved to Pittsburgh a couple months ago. We were looking for a gym that was close and had enough cardio equipment so we would not have to wait during peak times. We were pleasantly surprised to find this gym right across the street from our place. I can't say enough of how pleased we are with our decision to join here. The monthly rate (when buying a whole year) is very reasonable, the gym/equipment is extremely well maintained and very clean, the staff is always willing to answer questions, we never have issues getting on the machines we want to use, and the overall vibe of the gym is great. This is a neighborhood gym and you can tell that many of the members know each other from the greetings exchanged, the spots that are offered, etc. On top of that, you can buy 24/7 access, which was a huge selling point for us. Overall, we are very happy with our decision to join. Thanks Fitness Factory.

— Matthew Geiger

Fitness Factory is my go-to for a great workout experience. It's the cleanest gym in town, and that's a huge plus. There's tons of equipment -- both for cardio and weightlifting. The staff is really friendly and helpful, and the clientele is diverse and friendly. If you're looking for a workout facility with reasonable rates that's free of the BS you encounter at the larger gym chains, Fitness Factory is for you. I wouldn't go anywhere else in Pittsburgh.

— Lou Castelli

Best gym around!!! The variety of equipment, the friendly staff, and well kept gym, makes it perfect for what everyone is looking for. Would recommend this gym to anyone who is serious about developing a healthy lifestyle!! Come through Shadyside and check it out for yourself, you won't be disappointed!!

—Latisha Burns

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