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Want to start on a long-term accountability and training plan? 

Want to learn some new exercises to amp up your workout? 

Want to work out issues you haven't been able to tackle by yourself? 

Want advice to kickstart your diet and exercise regime?


Fitness Factory has personal trainers to fit all of your health and fitness goals. 

Meet The Team


Francesca (Fran) Mammarelli

"Fitness is a journey in life, not a destination. It must be continued for the rest of your life."

Francesca (Fran) Mammarelli is the Head Personal Trainer and Nutritionist at the Fitness Factory. Since 1999, Fran has dedicated her career to making her client’s minds and bodies the best they can be.

Nationally certified in two advanced certifications with the International Fitness Professionals Association and Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, she also holds certifications in CPR and Advanced Life Support. Fran practices what she preaches, and has been a fitness model at the Arnold Classic Body Building Show, Physical Magazine, GNC and countless commercials, billboards and magazines. When Fran is not spending time with her two children, she is training and consulting clients at the Fitness Factory, where she has been since 1999. Fran promises to educate you, guide you or just help motivate you to becoming a better version of you – give her a call!

  • Fran has an Introductory Special 4 Sessions for $149 (regular rate is $60 per 40 minute session). Call 412.377.7827

Brendan Bagin

"You will know by how your pants fit if you have lost weight and you will know you are getting stronger when every day physical challenges become easier. "

When it comes to selecting a personal trainer, it’s important to know that we each have a different style and may have a different training philosophy. Brendan subscribes to adopt fitness as a lifestyle. It’s part of his everyday routine and something he has committed to for the rest of his life. Brendan does not measure body fat or track his workouts. He explains to clients that you will know by how your pants fit if you have lost weight and you will know you are getting stronger when everyday physical challenges become easier. 

Brendan’s style is very upbeat and motivational. He is dedicated to teaching good form aside from how many sets you can complete and how much weight you can lift. He places an emphasis on core training as he believes a strong core is vital to injury prevention and will assist you in all other strength building exercises. 

Brendan uses all the equipment the Fitness Factory has to offer including exercise and medicine balls, free weights, leverage, selectorized and cable machines, ropes, krank bike, kettlebells, exercise bands, weighted jump ropes, plyometric boxes etc. to ensure each session is challenging and new. He also likes to incorporate body weight exercises and exercises that have a balance element and some that emphasize more of a cardio element dependent upon your goals and fitness levels. Each session is customized for every client. 

  • Brendan does 45 minute sessions (by appointment only) and also includes diet consultation. 

  • Certified by the International Fitness Professionals Association

  • Fully Insured by Sadler Sports Insurance

Ryan Harris

"Most people forget life is a short gift to be shared and nurtured. Live the highest quality of life as long as possible and smile while you are at it!"

Ryan Harris has stacked up over 15 years of training experience specializing in lifestyle management, weight loss, performance enhancement, Women’s Bootcamp, personal training, small and large group training. Prior to becoming a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine he studied psychology and organizational behavior at Pittsburgh’s own Carnegie Mellon University.

You can contact Ryan at 412-923-6948

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