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Workout to be your best self with one of our awesome personal trainers

Fitness Factory offers personal training with some of the BEST trainers in Pittsburgh! Want to get a glimpse into what you can expect when you sign up for personal training? Keep reading!

To start off, there are TONS of advantages to working with a Fitness Factory personal trainer, primarily because you have a professional plan your workout which allows you to not have to think about what you want to do/should do in the gym.You hire a doctor to fix your body and a dentist to fix your teeth, why wouldn’t you hire a personal trainer to help fix, maintain, and fine tune your body?

Brendan training a client at Fitness Factory, Pittsburgh


  • SAFETY: One of the most efficient ways to learn proper form, technique and how to use machines correctly. The gym can be a very dangerous place and countless gym goers have been injured because of poor form or improper position in machines.

  • STRUCTURE: Learn how and why certain exercises are done and grouped together.

  • MOTIVATION: A trainer knows your limits and when to push harder with constant support, and that extends outside and after your sessions are over! Plus, everyone works out harder with an audience or partner. You are more likely to not skip a workout when you have a partner counting on you (or if you’re paying for services!).

  • TIME: There is a ton of information out there about fitness—it takes a lot of time to sift through it all and find what you might like to try. A personal trainer will teach you good basics, and introduce new, more advanced exercises as you progress.

  • EMPOWERMENT: Personal training clients become well-rounded and knowledgeable about their mind-body-nutrient connection and apply techniques while they are without their trainer.

  • GOALS: A personal trainer will help each client to set and achieve short term and long term goals.

Clients have a number of reasons to hire a personal trainer, but the typical ones that our trainers have noticed are to get in shape, lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle and certain level of fitness, figure out where to start their workout journey, and to achieve specific fitness goals.

Brendan and Ryan were kind enough to answer some questions about their training styles.

RYAN: If you train with Ryan you can look forward to his dynamic, outgoing personality that adjusts to the mindset and temperament of his clients. He tries to keep things lighthearted and fun with the seriousness and focus to know that this is a work in progress… just like life! Ryan’s workouts typically involve compound movements (a combination of an upper and lower body movement, like thrusters—a squat with an overhead press). This allows clients to recruit many muscles at the same time and burn more calories in a given period of time.

Ryan specializes in women’s bootcamp, weight loss, core strength, psychological/mental conditioning, performance enhancement and hypertrophy. In the end, Ryan wants, “everyone to have good functional strength with the comfort and ability to try anything fitness-related even though they may have never encountered it before.”

BRENDAN: Brendan’s style is also upbeat and motivational—keeping his workouts challenging, but enjoyable. He uses all of the equipment the gym has to offer, so his workouts are never boring or monotonous. His clients never know what is coming next. As a coach or teacher, he emphasizes proper form and explains how and why he chooses the exercise for each workout. Brendan does not have a favorite workout, but you will probably see squat thrusts/burpees for high intensity cardio, hanging bent knee raises for the core, tons of work with a medicine ball, single arm chest and leg presses and multiple styles of pull ups in his workouts. You may also see him using the multi-functional cable machines, where you can do a full body workout at one station.

Brendan thinks versatility makes a great trainer. “Being able to work with people of all ages and stages of fitness and drive results is what I’m most proud of but if I had to say I specialized in anything it would be core training.” He likes to hit the core from multiple angles using an arsenal of exercises. In Brendan’s Pilates training, he learned that the Core is your “powerhouse,” so he makes core training an integral part of all of his workouts. “A strong core prevents injuries and improves performance in any and all physical activity.”

If you are interested in training with Brendan, Ryan, or our other trainer Fran. You can contact them directly, or stop by Fitness Factory Pittsburgh to meet one of them.

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